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Installing Dial-Up Networking

My Computer Find the My Computer icon on the desktop and open it (double-click). If you have a folder called Dial-Up Networking, open the Control Panel and skip down to Installing TCP/IP.

Open the Control Panel icon and double-click on the Add/Remove Programs icon. Select the Windows Setup tab, highlight (click on) the Communications icon (not the check box), and click Details.

Click in the box marked Dial-Up Networking to place a check beside it. (If other items are already checked, don't change them. Just make Components sure Dial-Up Networking is checked.) Click OK to close the Communications options, then click OK again to close Add/Remove Programs Properties. At this point you will probably be prompted for your Windows 95 CD if it is not inserted. If asked if you want to restart your computer, click No. Proceed to Installing TCP/IP.

Installing TCP/IP

In the Control Panel, double-click on the Network icon. You will see a window like the one above. Installed Components Depending on your configuration, there may be other network options listed. If TCP/IP is missing, click Add, then select Protocol. Next select Microsoft Protocol for Manufacturer and TCP/IP for Network Protocol. Click OK. Again, you will probably be prompted for your Windows 95 CD if it is not inserted. This time, when asked if you want to restart your computer, select Yes. Once your computer reboots (or if you already have TCP/IP installed), continue with Creating a Dial-Up Networking Connection.

Creating a Dial-Up Networking Connection

Make a New Connection Open the Dial-Up Networking folder located inside the My Computer window. If this is the first time you've opened the folder, the Make New Connection Wizard should start. Otherwise, double-click the Make New Connection icon.

Type Rock River Internet in the space provided, and make sure your modem is properly selected. Click Next.

Next enter your Area code (815) and the dial-up Telephone number. For Rockford, this number is (815)986-4186. Your Country code should set to United States of America. Click Next.

You will now see a box confirming that you have made a new Dial-Up Networking Connection. Now click Finish and an icon for the new connection will appear in the Dial-Up Networking folder. Continue with Optimizing Settings to configure this connection for use with Rock River Internet.

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