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Protected T1 Service

A protected T1 (DS1) is a wired T1 with a redundant dedicated wireless T1 connection, on diverse paths, with intelligent routing for increased reliability. If the wired T1 local loop fails for any reason, the routing will automatically switch to the wireless loop. Internal and external IP addresses will remain the same. Outside connections including VPNs will be maintained. The customer will not see any interruption in service.

For automatic routing with no interruptions, both the wired T1 and the wireless T1 must run to the same routers at each end which means that they must run to the same ISP. Rock River Internet pioneered this technology in the Rockford area and is the only Internet provider in the area with the infrastructure capable of supporting protected T1s. A Cisco router is required at both ends which we will provide and/or configure. We monitor and manage both circuits and guarantee up time and throughput on the protected T1. In case of a failure, our monitors will pick up the failed local loop and we will troubleshoot and contact SBC or Verizon for the loop repair. Our protected T1 adds about 15% to the price of a full T1 but cannot be matched for reliability.

The reliability and performance of your Internet feed depends highly upon the quality, competence, connectivity, and engineering of your ISP. That is why T1s will vary greatly among vendors. Although your local loop may be able to carry 1.5Mbps of data, many ISPs will not have the bandwidth to deliver that much data. We have seen low cost T1s sold as full-1.5Mbps that could not even deliver 768kbps. Most smaller ISPs will only have one or two T1s for their Internet backbone. With our fiber optic OC-3 connection to SBC, and our redundant licensed microwave link to AT&T, Rock River Internet can provide your business with fractional, burstable, shared, full, protected, or bonded T1 (DS1) service at lower costs than our competitors and with the reliability, service, and expert local support, that our customers have come to appreciate.

We have multi-homed DS-3 connections on diverse paths from the Internet backbone to our downtown Rockford NOC (Network Operations Center). We use redundant Cisco 7200 family core routers running HSRP for automatic failover and BGP4 routing protocol. Our network has fault tolerance that is unsurpassed in the Rockford area. We are not at the mercy of any one provider's stability and are engineered to run 24/7/365.

All of our dedicated connections include 24/7 monitoring for performance and connectivity and include back-up mail queuing at no additional charge.

Call us today at 815-968-9888 or send us an e-mail with your bandwidth requirements and business location for a custom quote.

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