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Domain Name Registration and Management

New Domain Name Registration & Transfers

Rock River Internet provides our customers with the ability to register domains using .com, .net, and .org Top Level Domains. We also support registration of most other Top Level Domains including .biz, .us, .cc, name, and many more. Prices and rules may vary so check with us before registering the less common domain names. Customers may also transfer ownership of domains to us from other domain registrars. Rock River Internet offers these services via the Tucows OpenSRS Domain Reseller program.

Rock River Internet honors all previously paid time on domains to be transferred. We charge a $20 transfer fee and add one year to the domain's expiration date. Active domains are then charged $5 a month (or $50 annually) as a hosting fee which also covers annual domain renewals with the registrar.

In order to process a new registration or transfer we ask that you carefully read and agree to the terms of service outlined in Exhibit A and the ICANN's UDRP.

Domain Management

Customers who register through us may manage their profile via our web interface. This allows you to change technical or admin contacts, billing address, change, add, or remove, name servers, and add or remove domain locking.

Domain Name Renewals

If you have a parked domain (not active) registered through us, we can renew your domain lease for $20 a year. Common top level domains, .com, .org, and .net, can be renewed either on an annual basis, or anywhere from one to ten years.

Hosted (active) domains which are registered through us with opensrs/tucows, are automatically renewed annually as part of our low dns hosting fee. We will also transfer your RRI hosted domain to opensrs/tucows at no charge upon written request. We will not renew hosted domains held at other registrars like Network Solutions,, and GoDaddy. Renewals for these hosted domains are the customer's resposibility.

Whois Query

To check if a domain name is available or to see what network registrar you are currently registered with perform a Whois Query. This query will return the owner of the domain, billing and contact information.

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