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Registering your domain name allows you to reserve your company's name on the Internet (i.e., Once you've registered a domain name, you will have control over where and how that name will be applied on the Internet. Registering your domain name through Rock River Internet allows a custom e-mail address with your domain name. So instead of your e-mail address being, your e-mail can be

Presently the most popular top level domain names for general use are: .com, .net, and .org. Originally .com was used for commercial businesses, .net for Internet and network providers, and .org for non-profit organizations. More recently the distinction between these has been blurred and commercial businesses typically are using any of the three. There are also many other top level domain names in use and available such as .biz, .info .name, .cc, .us, etc.

If we are hosting your commercial web site and/or providing virtual mail addresses, then domain name hosting with Rock River Internet is strongly recommended although not required. Domain name service has a one-time activation fee of $20 and a monthly DNS hosting fee of $5 (or $50 per annum).

Previously all domain registrations were done with Network Solutions (InterNIC) which was later bought out by Verisign and then recently split off again as Network Solutions. Under their plan, the domain name holder is charged $70 for two years of use and then $35 each year thereafter. Multi-year discounts are available for longer terms after the first two years. The fees charged by Network Solutions only cover domain registration and annual renewals. You still need to find and pay for a domain name host. Although we still work with them, Network Solutions has some unethical policies and practices and has been losing support and market share for several years.

In October of 2002 Rock River Internet stopped registering domains with Verisign/Network Solutions and formed a registration relationship with OpenSRS/Tucows. We now pay the annual renewal fees for all hosted standard domain accounts which are opened or transferred through Rock River Internet to the OpenSRS system. Under the new system we charge $20 which covers domain registration or transfer and DNS set-up, and a monthly hosting fee $5 (or $50 per annum) which covers all DNS hosting services including any changes required. This can be paid monthly or annually. For domain registrations without DNS services (parking or holding), the registration fee is now $20 plus an annual fee of $20 paid in advance. These fees apply to .com, .net, and .org registrations. Fees for other top level domains may be higher.

NOTE: We do not pay Network Solutions renewal fees. If your domain name is registered through Network Solutions, then it is your responsibility.

Why do I need to pay for domain registration and renewal fees?
The registration fee pays to keep your information on file in a world-wide database and informs the Internet root servers where your domain name service is hosted. It helps to prevent others from taking your domain name away from you. And it allows domain names to be recycled if the registrant doesn't keep the information current and doesn't pay renewal fees.

What does domain name hosting do for me and why does it cost money?
Almost every time someone sends you a piece of e-mail, a lookup is done at your domain host in order to find your mail sever. The same thing happens when someone goes to your web site. Domain name servers are very busy. They must be very fast, very reliable, and always available, or your e-mail won't get delivered and your web site won't be found.

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